My Person

The Photographer

I am: Uwe Peter |
I was born in the year: 1965 |
I´m living in: Ubstadt-Weiher/Germany (near Heidelberg) |
I am a proud: native of Baden |
I am dad from: Svenja (*2005) and Tim (*2007) |
I am working for: Fiducia & GAD IT AG |
I like to take pics from: everything |
I have a lot of: humor |
I like: creative chaos |
I like to travel to the: USA |
I like to drink: Tannenzäpfle Beer from Rothaus  |
and my motto is: 42-in memorian Douglas Adams-

The Motivation

I like to take pictures of nearly everything. For me taking pictures is a part of my Life-balance. And therefore it is rather the "exploring of things" than the "correct exposure". I see myself rather as a "Photo-Designer" than a "Picture Taker". Sometimes I return from my walks with only 3 pictures because of a bad inspiration. And some other times I have a choice of hundreds of good photos. But if I summarize my last 10 years of taking digital pictures there are only a handful of excellent photos per year.

The Equipment

Since more than 20 years I used to take pictures all over the world and from all the things around me. In the beginning it was a CANON EOS 1000. I used this camera for the first time during my second visit to the USA in 1995. I used it with color slides from Agfa and Fuji.
6 years later I started my "digital career" with an Olympus C-2100. But only 2 years later in 2003 I had my first digital CANON. I started with the CANON EOS 300D. 2 years later I changed it to the CANON 10D. 2005 I used to take pictures for my job with the CANON 5D. And in private life I changed to the CANON 450D and in 2010 to the CANON 500D.

With this cameras I own a wide range of lenses. My always-on-it-lens is the CANON 18-135mm f/3-5-5,6 EF-S IS. For my Makro-Pics I take the CANON EF 100mm/1:2,8 USM Macro. One of my favorites for Animals and Moon is the CANON EF 100-400mm L IS USM. And for my wide-angles I use the SIGMA 10-20mm F4,0-5,6 EX DC HSM. For indoor-pictures like in churches I take the CANON EF 50mm/ 1,4/ USM .

Since January 2013 I try a mirrorless System-Camera, a Sony NEX-5N. The quality of the pics are equal but the weight of the camera and the lenses is less than a third. Time will bring arguments for or against this camera. I will descripe it here from time to time.  

Before I was travelling to New York City in June 2014 I´ve decided to buy for my Sony NEX-5N an "all-in-one"-lens. It should be the Tamron 18-200mm because of its weight and quality. With the 16mm Sony and the Sony Ultra Wide Angle Lens Converter (x 0.75) I had a wideangle lens for special needs like the skyscrapers in NYC with me.

Update Summer 2015:
No more CANON DSLRs. I changed my equipment completely to mirrorless System-Camera from SONY. My new baby is the Sony Alpha 6000. I can use all of my lenses which I used already with the Sony NEX5N.