My Work

21to9 is the aspect ratio from the CinemaScope Movies format.

My project "The World in 21to9" started in 2009. During the last years and my enthusiasm for the Digital Photography it became apparent that the standard format 3to2 or 4to3 didn´t get the desired results for me.

Monument Valley (left: 3to2 | middle: 16to9 | right: 21to9)
I experienced already a longer time with panoramic formats. I don´t mean a pic put together with software from a lot of pics. I tried to reduce the content of only one pic to the panoramic main subject. And therefore I distinguished between "panoramics with full content" and "panoramics with small section of a scene" ("Minimize to the Maximum").

Human Eye has a field of vision from about 170° horizontally and 110° vertically. But the cut to the familiar 16to9 format didn´t come to a good result for me.

Even the experimentations with a 3to1 or even a 4to1 format were unsatisfied. The initial euphoria soon wore off.

And so it came to the project "The World in 21to9".


Uwe Peter
June 2010

Here are some other examples:

The Wave (left: 3to2 | middle: 16to9 | right: 21to9)

Las Vegas (left: 3to2 | middle: 16to9 | right: 21to9)